First of all. Servants of all. 

Broadstreet Tutoring Program


For over 3 years, every Saturday afternoon on the west side of Detroit, there is a mission fostering hope in our youth. Broadstreet Presbyterian Church launched a tutoring program to connect with the community and make a change. The Director of the program is a visionary, Mrs. Sharon Oglesby believes in "assessing the community, seeing the needs of the people, and then taking action." After she connected with the community through talking to the people and even attending school board meetings, she had the vision. Oglesby did some research on the community and discovered that "77% of the community lives in or below poverty."

In a recent conversation with the director she noted that "Poverty and Education go hand in hand". She then furthered this idea by posing questions, How to be academically successful when our community lacks the resources whether it is laptops, books, or even tutors? On any given Saturday, up to 50 young people show up who are receiving free tutoring in all of their classes, assistance with homework, an opportunity to work on laptops and learn more, as well as a free meal.  

This program is an example of what we need to be as the church, the Body of Christ. We need to be the hands and feet and serve the people. 

If you would like to support this tutoring program financially or sending a group to tutor, please contact our Hands on Mission Co-Chair Tom Neal at or 248-568-6204


Make a difference. One move at a time.