Our Vision

Coming HOME


Everyone has a position, a role that is pivotal to making a Missional Church. Newton's first law of motion asserts that an object at motion tends to stay in motion; well a church in motion tends to stay in motion and a church at rest tends to stay at rest! 

So let’s be a church about action, about movement, and about giving!

Now God being a spiritual being uses us as vessels for his spiritual body!

We are pivotal in the spiritual circulatory system of the body of Christ, where we are the vessels that transport blood, throughout the body as we are covered! His blood runs through us; it is in our DNA.  We are the church! Let’s move with mission together!

Our team sees the church as becoming the center of the community again. We seek to strengthen the relationship churches have with their communities in order to achieve this goal. Moreover, we seek to bring together Brothers and Sisters in Christ together from various churches and become the hands and feet of our risen Savior!

If this sounds like you, head over to our Ways to Help tab and click on Join the Team. We are looking for you! 

J. Michael Barconey | Service DNA is in our genes

Hands on Mission Coordinator

Presbytery of Detroit

Be the change. Be the church. 

Be the change. Be the church.