Youth mission blast 

From Heartbreak to Hope


2017 YMB


Bridging the body of Christ through Service is discovered at the foundation of our Mission. As youth and adults, we respond to God’s call through the Holy Spirit to be connected to each other, the church, and the world so that our lives proclaim with joy that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Our mission is to actively engage, involve and connect college age youth and younger to mission opportunities while exploring their faith journey and answering God’s call to live out their faith.




As I am in my tenth year of youth ministry in the Presbytery of Detroit, I am so grateful for God's call on my life. I have met so many wonderful young people from all walks of life. I have had the opportunity to partner with so many adults who are committed to youth ministry. In a world when so many are discouraged, there is much Joy and Hope (Thanks be to GOD) in our youth and in the Presbytery of Detroit. I am looking forward to another exciting year, and I am looking forward to witnessing GOD's power move in a mighty way!


~Pastor Charon A. Barconey, CRE




For information on any event or information regarding youth/ youth leader training and opportunities please contact me directly at:

Pastor Charon Barconey- Youth Mission Coordinator/ Presbytery of Detroit